Probe Tubes for Real Ear (SAME: RE367-40) back

  • Red universal connector makes them compatible with Audioscan, Siemens, Madsen, MedRx, Interacoustics, & Frye systems
  • Disposable, single patient use probe tubes
  • Includes marker ring on each tube for marking ear canal depth
  • Handle is color coded red
  • Made from bio-compatible, latex-free material

Compability: Audioscan AXIOM , VF1 & VF2 and Interacoustics AFFINITY, COMPACT, CALLISTO, EQUINOX  and  MedRx A2D +/REM+ COMBO, AVANT ARC, AVANT REMSP, REM SPEECH and  Natus Aurical

Probe tubes for Real Ear, bag of 40 pieces, 76mm. X10 or more bags $55.00

Part Number:: RE407-40