Eckel CL12-LP back

Eckel’s C/H & CL/HL Series rooms are the gold standard of the audiology industry. These premium quality, innovative rooms offer a wide range of options designed for precise audiometric measurement, including audiology, research institutes and more. The series is ideal for industry and private clinics, featuring a clinical jack panel for greater versatility. Ideal for sound field measurements, brain stem audiometry, and hearing aid evaluation.


Eckel’s CL/HL-Series LP Single-Wall Camlock Lite (CL) or H-Batten (H) Audiometric Rooms feature a low profile rubber floor with a 1 9/16″ (39mm) rise. They are ideal for medium noise, low traffic areas. CL/HL-Series LP comes standard with:

  • 32″ W x 73 3/4″ H (813mm x 1873mm) Clear Opening Door
  • 24″ W x 30″ H (610mm x 762mm) Window
  • Plug and Play Electrical
  • LED Lighting
  • Jack Panel complete with 12 1/4″ Phone Jacks, 2 USB, and a 1″ (25mm) pass-through 

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