Aqua Stim Water Caloric Irrigator back

Aqua Stim water caloric irrigator is used in combination with a video nystagmograph (VNG) for testing patients with dizziness. Water is heated inside the irrigator to a precise temperature of 30C or 44C for one cool or warm irrigation. Within 3 minutes the water temperature will have stabilized and the irrigator display will read READY. The examiner places a flexible silicone tube into the ear canal and a basin under the ear to catch the water as it exits the ear canal.


  • Ergonomic handle with replaceable silicone tips
  • Bright LEDs on the handle illuminate the ear canal and the tympanic membrane
  • External tap water tank that holds enough water for testing three patients
  • Audible and visual cues indicating ready and end of irrigation
  • Can operate stand-alone or with a Micromedical VNG

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